PLEASE NOTE: These intakes are NOT for MDMA-assisted therapy.

These intakes are for psychotherapy only. We do not offer Psychedelic Therapy sessions outside of a research context, given its legal status. However, a number of our clinicians do offer support and integration of psychedelic experiences, when individuals have experienced them outside of therapy. For more information about our research visit Remedy Institute.

We are unable to provide clinical services outside of Ontario.

Appointments are limited.

New spots are added on Fridays and are bookable three weeks in advance.

We have immediate availability to work with Dr. Setareh Shayanfar. If you are interested in working with her, and there are no intake spots available, please email us at


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We have immediate availability with Social Workers. If you are interested in working with a Social Worker, please mention this in your intake call. If there are no intake spots available and you are interested in working with a Social Worker, or for other questions about insurance, pricing, or treatment options, please email us at

Intake Coordinator

Intake Coordinator

Jenna is passionate about mental health research and practice and believes that both should always be driven by the values of inclusivity, accessibility, and advocacy. As Intake Coordinator, she aims to reflect these values by providing a warm welcome to new clients, listening to their needs, and initiating the collaborative process of finding a therapist that’s right for them.

At Toronto Metropolitan University, Jenna works with several research groups who seek to understand and contribute to the development of effective treatments for mental health. She assists with studies in the Cognition and Psychopathology Lab, which aim to clarify the cognitive processes that underlie chronic worry, generalized anxiety disorder, and their treatment. She also assists in the Addictions and Mental Health Lab, whose focus is to identify psychological risk factors for addictions and mental health difficulties that occur together. Currently in the final year of her BA, she hopes to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology and contribute on a larger scale to making mental health services effective and accessible for all.

Jenna is excited to join the Remedy team and looks forward to speaking with new clients.

BA (In Progress) – Psychology, Toronto Metropolitan University

Jenna is passionate about mental health research and practice and believes that both should alway... Read More

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